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October 15, 2021  

What Is COP 26? Your Cultural Guide and Why Creative Engagement is Important

October 15, 2021

Being there is vital for my outlook and hope for life because it can feel really heavy and hard to deal with the climate crisis. I think being there and being part of this thing will give me hope and remind me of why humans and life and being on this planet are amazing. I need that hope. And I think, especially with the last 18 months, doing events via Zoom and not with other people who are giving you that nourishment. People are beautiful and the world is beautiful, and I just need to be there for my own sanity!

Climate Crisis Culture podcast hosts Eilidh McLaughlin and Jenny Fraser Harris take on COP26 in this short one off episode which delves into what COP is, why it’s so important and what the potential problems with it are.

As well as defining and describing COP they confess their hopes and fears for the event, and discuss what role art and culture plays in the communication of the complex information and messages being discussed.

Watch out for their top highlights as they spotlight some great events happening both on and offline during the talks.

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