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February 11, 2021  

Understanding Systems and How Everything is Connected

February 11, 2021

"It makes the rich richer and the poor poorer, and it strengthens that broken system which allows those in power to stay in power...then, how do people who don’t have that money or background even think about getting into politics or having their voices heard?

In the second episode of their podcast Climate Crisis Culture, hosts Jenny Fraser Harris and Eilidh McLaughlin break down the complex issue of systems; exploring how, when broken, systems only serve to fuel the fires of the impending climate crisis. Recorded around the time of the US election in November 2020, the episode gives an overview of systems focusing mostly on the political systems and its failings.

They share personal stories and discuss the ins and outs of permaculture design, food and agriculture, and the political system. Plus they argue the importance of learning about systems at an academic level and how that affects future life choices.

So, what’s wrong with politics? Is the system outdated, unadaptive? Do the way politicians communicate make us cringe? How do Citizens Assemblies impact government decisions? Lots of things were discussed and most were answered!

Interesting mentions to note: Citizens Assemblies, democratic system change in Chile, Julian Casablancas and Henry Giroux discussing fascism, Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown, Japan’s Future Design Movement, and Donella Meadows and systems thinking. And of course we couldn’t talk about a broken political system and not mention: Trump and Twitter!

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Hosts: Jenny Faser Harris and Eilidh McLaughlin

Music: Michael Weldon

Editing + Artwork: Jenny Fraser Harris

Show Notes: Eilidh McLaughlin


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