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April 1, 2021  

Regeneration and The Future of Sustainability

April 1, 2021

Now is the time for a reframing of this concept of environmental sustainability. It’s been around since the 70s, since the start of the first environmental movement and I think it’s really important that we reframe the language of that because it’s obviously not working very well! We need more, we need sustainability plus...we don’t want to just maintain and continue things...and regeneration is the right, more progressive little sister which will step into its place.”

In the fourth episode of their podcast Climate Crisis Culture, podcast hosts Eilidh McLaughlin and Jenny Fraser Harris explore regeneration and how it can be used as a system to tackle the climate crisis. They look into its history, their personal experiences and, as always, the cultural references they’ve found to reference it.

Do we really want to keep sustaining things, or can we move forward with a different, potentially better model - regeneration? If so, how can we implement regeneration into our everyday lives? Is sustainability an outdated term or is it just a case of reframing it? 

Significant mentions of: bioregions and the regeneration of place, the regeneration of self, indigenous history and culture, Groove Armada (what, I hear you say!), better sustainability, and apple trees! 

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Hosts: Jenny Faser Harris and Eilidh McLaughlin

Editing + Artwork: Jenny Fraser Harris

Show Notes: Eilidh McLaughlin

Music: Michael Weldon



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