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May 6, 2021  

Cultivating Positivity in the Midst of Environmental Breakdown

May 6, 2021

In thinking about the climate crisis, a lot of these new stories have to come from within us because we’re talking about something that is this hopeful, possible, imagined future. I think if I can see possibility for that I feel like I can cultivate positivity.”

In the fifth episode of their podcast Climate Crisis Culture, podcast hosts Eilidh McLaughlin and Jenny Fraser Harris explore positivity in times of crisis, particularly the climate crisis, and address the difficulties that come with articulating what positivity means in a world where things can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Do we lack emotional resilience and is this making us incapable of dealing with the climate crisis? What is toxic positivity and is it related to greenwashing?! Is it OK to feel OK (and ultimately use positivity as a coping mechanism) in a time when the world is obviously on its knees? They answer all these and more!

Significant mentions of: toxic positivity, radical hope and the range of emotions in between, climate positive design, the Art of Mentoring, adaptation, Caroline Hickman and eco-anxiety (again), and The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible! 

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Hosts: Jenny Faser Harris and Eilidh McLaughlin

Editing + Artwork: Jenny Fraser Harris

Show Notes: Eilidh McLaughlin

Music: Michael Weldon



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