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March 3, 2022  

Environmental Apathy: The Biggest Threat to Our Planet? Understanding Our Own Apathy and How to Counter It!

March 3, 2022

It comes to this point: are my individual needs greater than the environment’s needs?


Upon reaching a milestone of 1000+ downloads, hosts Eilidh McLaughlin and Jenny Fraser Harris release episode ten of their podcast Climate Crisis Culture. Having watched the new Netflix blockbuster Don’t Look Up, this episode explores environmental and climate apathy.


Using the film as a cultural reference and starting point they recognise the parallels between real life and ‘make believe’, trying to understand what roles different actors in society play when thinking about climate apathy - namely the media, politicians, scientists and citizens. In examining what apathy is, why it occurs and what they can do about it, the hosts reflect on personal experiences to understand how apathy occurs within their own lives.


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Hosts: Jenny Faser Harris and Eilidh McLaughlin

Editing + Artwork: Jenny Fraser Harris

Show Notes: Eilidh McLaughlin

Music: Michael Weldon



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