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January 26, 2021  

Communicating the Climate Crisis

January 26, 2021

"We're hardwired as humans to receive stories - that's how we make sense of life. Arts and culture create stories that speak to us, so we can see a new story and way forward, so that we can make things better, together."

Bringing you the inaugural episode of their podcast Climate Crisis Culture, hosts Eilidh McLaughlin and Jenny Fraser Harris intertwine personal revelations with fun facts and cultural references in an episode that takes a deep dive in to the world of climate change communication - the good, the bad and the ugly. 

How is the climate crisis being communicated? Why do people still deny climate change when the science is clear? How important is the role of arts and culture in communicating science, data and numbers? How do you talk to friends and family about the climate crisis? They answer all these and more in an uplifting and passionate chat.

Mentions of: Extinction Rebellion and the Red Rebels, Climate Diva, Intersectional Environmentalist, Adapt, and a shared love for singer, earth protector and climate communicator Anohni.

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Hosts: Jenny Faser Harris and Eilidh McLaughlin

Music: Michael Weldon

Editing + Artwork: Jenny Fraser Harris

Show Notes: Eilidh McLaughlin


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